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Investigating UFOs in History
by Chris Aubeck and Martin Shough, Foreword by Jacques Vallee

In this unique and challenging book you will read about:
• the flat "plate" seen over a 17th-century Swedish city, leaving witnesses stricken with an unknown sickness;
• a fiery object that landed beside a road in Ohio, piloted by a mysterious man in black;
• a weird blue ball of fire that devastated a British navy ship;
• the Minnesota doctor who saw a disk of "electric" light floating across the fields;
• and a formation of locomotive-sized "eggs" that descended on an Australian town shortly after World War II.

Combining science, history, and a broad knowledge of the UFO field, Martin Shough and Chris Aubeck set a new standard for UFO research and shed light on one of the oldest recorded mysteries in human experience.

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