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The Lonely Sense
The Autobiography of a Psychic Detective

by Robert Cracknell

Trade Paperback, 328 Pages

$16.95, ISBN: 1933665513

Genre(s): Paranormal

THE LONELY SENSE  is the unique story of Robert Cracknell who underwent a harrowing childhood, came to terms with his growing psychic powers, and ended up assisting the police and people around the world with his uncanny ability to see back into the past…and forward into the future. 

This book is an expanded and updated version of Clues to the Unknown originally published by Hamlyn in 1981.

About the Author:

Robert P. Cracknell is widely acknowledged as Britain's number one psychic detective by the public, the authorities, and his own peers. His impressive 35-year-old investigative casework delves into the darkest recesses of the human and criminal psyche. Cracknell's extraordinary gritty upbringing and heritage set him apart from, and at odds with, many of his psychic colleagues, who traditionally credited their abilities to an outside force, be it extraterrestrial or of the spirit world. Cracknell has lambasted his peers for disclaiming personal responsibility for their psychic actions. Vist the author's website:

EXCERPT from Chapter 1:

I am a psychic. For some reason, I am able to perceive and recognize things that lie beyond the normal range of everyday human consciousness. I can, for example, take an object in my hand and receive from it certain “vibrations” that tell me its origin. If it belonged to a person, I can often describe that person and his/her physical characteristics, disabilities and psychological makeup. I am inclined to believe that this is simply a highly developed sensitivity – not unlike the sense that enables a salmon to find its way across hundreds of miles of ocean to its home river. But what puzzles me is that this same sensitivity enables me to describe events that have not yet taken place.

Being psychic has definite advantages. On meeting people for the first time, I feel within an instant that I know them intimately. I know whether I can trust them or not. I shall subsequently relate how I first became aware of this faculty in a strange way, even though I failed to recognize it initially. Once I learned that it could be trusted, I realized its potential value. (How often have you regretted trusting someone who let you down?) So I deliberately set out to develop it and to understand it more fully.

Yet, even today I am still unaware of my true potential. I sometimes feel that this is the beginning of something far bigger and more interesting. After all, electric generators were first used simply to amuse people at parties – by giving them mild electric shocks. I am certain only of one thing, that we are all psychic. This is a perfectly normal faculty that everybody possesses, like the ability to ski or speak French, or even to play bingo. I do have some fairly concrete insights into the mechanics of this faculty, although when I try to put them into words I find myself faced with all kinds of difficulties. This is why I have decided that the simplest way to explain it is to tell the story of my life.

I have another reason for wanting to relate my life story. There is a general impression that “paranormal powers” are invariably linked with Spiritualism and a belief in life after death. As a matter of fact, I worked in the Spiritualist Movement for many years and accepted most of its basic beliefs. But I have finally become convinced that there is no connection whatever between one’s psychic abilities and the spirits of the dead. A psychic is not a person who has been “chosen” to receive communications from another world. He or she is an ordinary human being, whose natural ability has somehow become more developed than that of the average person. I personally feel a great deal of gratitude towards Spiritualism. Without its encouragement I would have found my path far more difficult to travel. Yet I wish to categorically state that the majority of mediums in Spiritualism today are unconsciously fraudulent in deceiving themselves, as much as they deceive other people.

A whole mystique has developed around the subject of mediumship. The very word medium, which was invented by some early psychical researcher, implies that we are merely the instruments through which messages are received. According to them, what really matters is the message and the disembodied entities who send it. This seems to me to be putting the cart before the horse. What matters is not the message (which is quite often either trivial or mystifying, or both) but the medium that receives it. Mediums are people who have begun to use a faculty that all human beings possess and which all human beings can develop. Psychics are not chosen, and they are not abnormal. They are not even “gifted.” Each one of you who reads this book has the same ability. Not an ability to see ghosts or talk with the dead, which would strike me as a highly dubious blessing, but simply the ability to know things by some kind of direct intuition. The “things” in question may be perfectly ordinary and down-to-earth, like answers to some practical, everyday problems.

I admit that all this baffles me as much as it baffles any psychical investigator. Reason tells me that knowledge has to be obtained from somewhere, by a certain logical process... In some ways it seems to run contrary to our accepted notion about the laws of nature. But if I cannot explain why such things happen, I can at least explain how.

My own truly psychic experiences began when I was eighteen. But as I am now convinced that my early life was a necessary preparation, i.e. a kind of “psychic apprenticeship,” it is important to speak of it in some detail.


Foreword by Colin Wilson

1 Dead Blonde 

2 First Ten

3 Air Force

4 Astral Body

5 Old Lady

6 Outsider

7 Awakenings

8 Meher Baba

9 Black Magic

10 Subnormals

11 New Life

12 Silence

13 Chair Woman

14 Dangerous Man

15 Psychic Proof

16 Casework

17 Repo Man

18 Yorkshire Ripper

19 On Lake Como

20 Uri Geller

21 Psychic

22 Coronation Street

23 Cyprus Life


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What they're saying:

“Robert Cracknell must be the least typical psychic in the world...To encounter Cracknell is a refreshing, or possibly a traumatic, experience…He is totally down-to-earth, blunt, aggressive and impatient; he is also intelligent, honest, and obsessively, almost self-destructively, devoted to his own vision of the truth. The fact is that, as a psychic, Cracknell is a total Outsider… the alienated man who has to learn to turn his powers of development inward… Cracknell represents something completely new in this strange field of the paranormal... He has a natural vitality and frankness that makes his book absorbing reading. His is a voice that needs and deserves to be heard.” — Colin Wilson, in the Foreword

"It’s a brutally honest, open and highly entertaining study of the author’s life, that takes the reader from its very beginnings, his time spent in the British Royal Air Force, and to a profound experience that occurred during that same time spent with the military that sent him on the road to becoming a definitive psychic detective…Not surprisingly, Cracknell reveals that coming to grips with his surfacing powers of the psychic kind was not easy…[The book is] required reading for anyone who wants a deep, revealing insight not just into the world of psychic phenomena, but into the swirling, turbulent and emotion-filled heart of the psychic individual…” — Nick Refern, Reviews of the Mysterious Kind

"One of the most inspiring and candid autobiographies I’d ever read. With each page I felt as you would only do with someone you knew intimately while relaxing after a nice meal in their home. The book revealed to me a man that although he had the ability to exercise a faculty we all possess, and well I might add, he never let it go to his head." — Jari Mikkola, editor of the Journal of Anomalous Sciences

"Cracknell’s record is rather inconspicuous, but highly reputable… and if the sorts of things he mentions in his autobiography are indeed true, he might not be the best psychic detective in Britain after all. We damn well may have to accept he’s the best anywhere...Even the occasional skeptic (something I consider myself to be in most cases) may find themselves unable to wrestle themselves from Cracknell’s wide-open delivery, and may begin questioning whether such extraordinary feats of psychic prowess might indeed be real after all...But perhaps the most rewarding aspect about The Lonely Sense is the fact that Cracknell manages to keep a bright, positive outlook throughout the ups and downs, and in the end, his message is clear: anyone can do this, not just those who claim to have psychic powers...the book is well worth picking up, and might even change your life..." — Micah Hanks, The Gralian Report


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