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outWeighting in at nearly four pounds and 764 letter-size pages is a remarkable new reference work entitled Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior, written by Hilary Evans and Robert E. Bartholomew. Not only is history replete with examples of remarkable social behavior, from fads, crazes, and manias to collective delusions, scares, panics, and mass hysteria, but so is the present day. This massive collection of extraordinary social behaviors spans more than two millennia, and attempts to place many of the recounted episodes within their greater historical and cultural context. The authors have outdone themselves with an authoritative work that covers a broad range of topics: collective behavior, deviance, social and perceptual psychology, sociology, history, folklore, religious studies, political science, social anthropology, gender studies, critical thinking, and mental health. The pre-publication reviews call it “an extraordinary compilation,” “remarkable and surprising,” and “a thumping good read.” Don’t miss it!