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Outbreak Cover Story

September 9, 2009

outOur recently published book, Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior by Hilary Evans and Robert Bartholomew, is the Fortean Times (Issue 253) cover story for September 2009: “Panic! Strange Tales of Mass Hysteria.” The story is written by Bob Rickard, who concludes that this book “will undoubtedly remain the definitive reference work on collective delusions, mass panics and other strange forms of group behaviour for the foreseeable future. We could not ask for two more qualified guides [as Evans and Bartholomew].” Be sure to pick up a copy on the newsstands. Previously, co-author Robert Bartholomew was featured in an interview in USA Today, “Don’t panic! It’s just an outbreak.” This story was then picked up by ABC News Online. The book was also mentioned in a front page story on the New York Times: “Chinese Workers Say Illness Is Real, Not Hysteria.” Finally, Peter Rogerson, pretty much raved about the book on the Magonia blog, saying: “This is a huge achievement for a small publisher such as Anomalist [Books] and marks a completely new level of publishing for them.”