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outCatching up on some recent reviews from some scholarly sources…Keith Petrie, from the University of Auckland, has reviewed Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior by Hilary Evans and Robert Bartholomew for the Journal of Psychosomatic Research. Writes Petrie: “This book presents more examples of mass psychogenic illness and panics than you could shake a faith healer at. There are many example of the usual outbreaks at schools and factories but many other exotic ones involving slashers, phantoms, vampires, and various toxic substances. Even Bin Laden makes a cameo appearance. The book is organized alphabetically from outbreaks beginning with ‘A’ such as the Amou Barking Mania through to beyond the Zimbabwe Zombie School. In between are fascinating examples of strange collective behavior.” He goes on to note that the book has been “meticulously compiled” and ends by saying that “Outbreak! is a valuable source of material…an absorbing and authoritative read and an extremely valuable reference for anyone interested in the field of psychosomatic medicine.”